Michael KimaniMichael Kimani is a thought leader, researcher, writer and consultant on blockchain assets; a radically new asset class with vast opportunities for entrepreneurs, legacy financial institutions, FinTechs, mobile operators, regulators, companies and the people of East Africa.

I have 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having been one of the earliest adopters, pioneers and vocal advocate for blockchain assets.

As the current Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Kenya I am working on educating, promoting, and exploring cryptocurrency opportunities in Kenya for young East Africans.

Back in 2014 I traded derivatives on Chicago’s Mercantile exchange before moving to trade digital assets. I moved on to consulting independently for BitPesa , a pioneer digital currency start up in Nairobi.

I have been featured on BBC Radio, CNN, French24 TV and Fast Company for my work advocating digital currency.

Whenever i find the energy,  I write out my thoughts on pesa on this blog, guest blogging on Kenyan Wallstreet, Techweez and occasionally opine for the Daily Nation and other publications.

My unique perspectives on an emerging industry have attracted dozens of opportuniesto speak on panels and share my thoughts cryptocurrecies. I am grateful.

My experience from 3 projects as a user research with Emerging Futures Lab on East Africa’s informal sector,  social savings groups, and informal cross border trade for a trade development agency has taught me a great deal on how to build products, services and policy that resonates with East African consumers.

In 2016 I joined a founding team at Umati that raised $30,000 for one of the pioneer companies in East Africa offering on demand crypto assets liquidity. I carried out user research, sales and business development for Umati Blockchain Ltd.

A brief stint as a reporter with the news team at Cryptovest.com, a cryptocurrency industry focused media centre from Ukraine, was a great learning experience.

Right now, I am excited to be part of the team as VP Sales at ChamaPesa, a startup offering a blockchain mobile savings app for social groups in East Africa.

Linkedin has a more details https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-kimani-525a2170/